Howl Records

Howl Records has been established to showcase the music of what we consider to be the best unsigned songwriters currently without a platform for their music.

The label is the natural consequence of the Howl Open Mic nights from which came the idea to provide an outlet for the artists and their songs to be heard.

Having gained local and national airplay with debut single Never Had To Try, and had second single I'll Abide By What You Decide used in Personal Telecom's advertising campaign across South America, The Pickwicks now issue their third single The Art Of Stealing.

The Pickwicks

The Pickwicks write songs on guitars. Sometimes they're acoustic, and sometimes electric. Some of the songs are fast, others slower. You might hear a piano. Maybe some drums, but not always. Or a glockenspiel. There might be one person singing, or five.

The point is that they think writing lots of songs in the same vein, which don't differ very much in sound or content, is boring. So they try to vary what they do and how they do it and make listening to them as much fun as being a music fan can be.

Their principal influences are The Stone Roses, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Atlantic/Stax and other old soul, the Happy Mondays/Black Grape, film scores and The Pogues, to name only a few (along with a lifelong love of old country music, but only the most real, of course).

I like your songs - Billy Bragg
This sounds great — we really like it! - BBC Manchester

Second single I'll Abide By What You Decide out now on Howl Records.

First single Never Had To Try available here.

To get in touch, email declan [at] howlrecords [dot] com

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